Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1920 & Women 1936

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N   E   S   W
2 Wood
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Under 25s Officers Club Champ Club League
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Previous Winners
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Men's Fours (Last 16)

Telephone result to Steve Kilford on 01438 354758 or 07969 630310
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Last 16 - Tues 21st May Quarters - Wed 29th May Semis- Fri 7th June Final - Sun 28th July Champion
  (first named player is at HOME) at Baldock Town BC at Welwyn & District BC at Bishop's Stortford BC (Previous Winners)
NA J Claydon (Baldock) A12 J Claydon (Baldock) A S Horwood/G Williams Final K Ames/G Walton

G Avery/J Avery

(Welwyn Garden City)



WA P Murray (Kitcheners) D Martin/J Rumball
SA I Stone (WGC) J Rumball (Garston)


WC J Rumball (Garston)


EB N Walker (Ware) A11 J Avery (WGC) K Ames/G Walton
  SB J Avery (WGC) G Avery/J Avery
ED M Plume (Buntingford) M Plume (Buntingford) (Welwyn Garden City)
  ND S Brown (Royston) 17
  SD K J Brazier (Harpenden) A10 K J Brazier (Harpenden) B

A Prowle/S Andrews

A Yarborough/M Ball

G Thompson/S Lepley

(Bishops Stortford)

  SC C Gray (Oak Hill) D Hickin/P Andrews
  NC P Andrews (Baldock) P Andrews (Baldock) (Baldock)
  EC G Amos (Buntingford) 15
EA S Lepley (Bishops S'ford) A9 S Lepley (Bishops S'ford) A Yarborough/M Ball
  WB J Simmons (Garston) G Thompson/S Lepley
  WD J Godman (Garston) J Godman (Garston) (Bishops Stortford)
  NB C Davidson (St Ippolyts) 17






Men's Senior Fours

Telephone result to Roger Carter on 01707 262035 or  07788 205951
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Prelim Rnd - Wed 8th May 1st Rnd - Monday 3rd June

2nd Rnd -

   Monday 10th June

Quarters -

Tues 2nd July

Semis -

Mon 8th July

Final -

 Mon 15th July

             at Potters Bar BC at W & D BC

at W & D BC

    16 L Parsley (Datchworth) 31 D Brooks (Harpenden) 35 D Brooks


    D Brooks (Harpenden)

  B Chaudhery (W'rn)

25 B Chaudhery (W'horn) B Chaudhery (W'horn)

R Harper (D'worth)

    G Amos (Buntingford)
    26 K Avenell (WGC) 32 K Avenell (WGC) K Avenell

(Welwyn GC)


J Dowler (N & C)

J Dowler (N & Cuffley)

R Chalcraft (Saw'th)

    21 A Redford (Harpenden) A Redford (Harpenden)
    K Davison (Harpenden)
    18 S Jewell (Potters Bar) 33 S Jewell (Potters Bar) 38 S Jewell

Potters Bar)

    D Sherriff (Royston)
    14 B Todd (Baldock) I Stone (WGC)
    I Stone (WGC)
    13 R Lush (Hatfield) 34 S Collins (A Langley) J Hay


3 T Phipps (Aston) S Collins (A Langley)
S Collins (A Langley)


C Dyer (Rosedale) 22 J Hay (Garston) J Hay (Garston)
J Hay (Garston)
    R Dempster (Baldock)
10 M Neller (B/Stort) 11 C Davidson (St Ipps) 27 K Rylett (Welwyn & D) 37 K Rylett

(Welwyn & District)

C Davidson (St I)
8 D Marr (Whitethorn) K Rylett (Welwyn & D)
K Rylett (W & D)
6 D Brown (B''sted) 15 D Brown (B'hamsted) W Lewis (A Langley)
T Boon (Riverain)
    W Lewis (A Langley)
    19 J Maizey (Mill End) 29 J Maizey (Mill End) J Maizey

(Mill End)

9 H Wright (Sele Farm) H Wright (Sele Farm)
C Gray (Oak Hill)
    23 M Poole (Welwyn & Dist) M Poole (Welwyn & Dist)
5 I Snook (W & D) I Snook (Welwyn & Dist)
D Gomm (B'sted)
4 A Sayers (Herts) 24 B Parkes (B'wood Hall) 30 B Parkes (B'wood Hall) 36 V Greenberg


B Parkes (B'd Hall)
    D Crudgington (C'hunt)
    20 V Greenberg (Buntingf'd) V Greenberg (Buntingf'd)
    S Keenan (Bovingdon)
    17 T O'Shaughnessy (H G) 28 S Kilford (Royston) S Kilford


    S Kilford (Royston)
    12 R Pearce (Potters Bar) D Fox (Sawbr'worth)
    D Fox (Sawb'worth)






Results shown in BLACK are the official ones, those shown in RED have been supplied by the players.


CHAMPIONS to National Championships at Leamington Spa.