Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1920 & Women 1936

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Programme 2021
  Match Type:

                 F = Friendly; P = President, P+ P = Joint President; C = Competition; T = Tour; FD = Fund Day,  G = Gala, V = Veterans,


                 A = Area League, M/C = Middleton Cup, J/T = Johnís Trophy, W = Walker Cup, B/T = Balcomb Trophy, W/R = White Rose,  =               A/R = Amy Rose, E = Eastern Counties League, U 25 = Under 25ís

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  M 17 April 29 Thur   Singles 1st Men      
  W 18 May 4 Tues   Singles 1st Women C    
  M   May 6 Thur   Singles 2nd Men C    
  M/W    May 7 Fri   Pairs 1st Men/Women C    
  M   May 10 Mon   Singles 3rd Men C    
  W   May 11 Tues   Singles 2nd Women C    
  M/W   May 13 Thur   Pairs 2nd Men/Women C    
  M/W   May 19 Wed   Pairs 3rd Men/Women C    
  M/W   May 20 Thur   Singles 4th Men/3rd Women C    
  W   May 22 Sat 09.45 Johns Trial J/T Hatfield BC  
  M 21 May 24 Mon   Unbadged 2nd Men C    
  M   May 26 Wed   Fours 1st Men C    
  W   May 26 Wed   Unbadged Singles 2nd C    
  M/W   May 27 Thur   Pairs 4th Men/Women C    
  M   May 28 Fri 18.00 Team Ten 1st C    
  W   May 29 Sat 09.45 Johns Coaching Session J/T Hatfield BC  
  M 22 May 31 Mon   Pairs 5th Men C    
  M   June 1 Tues   Triples 1st Men C    
  M/W   June 2 Wed   Singles Quarter Finals C Potters Bar(M)  Welwyn Garden City(W)  
  M/W   June 3 Thur   Pairs Quarter Finals  C Baldock (M)  Royston (W)  
  M   June 4 Fri 18.00 Team Ten 2nd C    
  M 23 June 7 Mon   Senior Fours 1st Men C    
  M/W   June 8 Tues   Fours 2nd/1st Women C    
  M/W   June 9 Wed   Triples 2nd Men/1st Women C    
  M/W   June 10 Thur   Pairs Semi-finals C Welwyn & District BC  
  M/W   June 11 Fri   Singles Semi-finals C Welwyn & District BC  
  M   June 12 Sat 10.00 Two Wood Singles C Riverain/Datchworth/Harpenden/Croxley Guild  
  M/W   June 13 Sun 10.00 Men's Junior Pairs/Women's Junior Singles C Harpenden BC  
  M   June 14 Mon   Senior Fours 2nd C    
  M/W   June 15 Tues   Fours 3rd Men/2nd Women C


  M   June 16 Wed   Unbadged Singles 3rd Men C    
  M/W   June 17 Thur   Triples 3rd Men/2nd Women C    
  W   June 18 Fri   Senior Fours 1st C    
  M   June 18 Fri   Club Team Championship 1st C    
  W   June 19 Sat 10.00 Two Wood Singles C Bishops Stortford/Harperbury  
  M   June 20 Sun 11.00 White Rose Trophy v Suffolk W/R Welwyn & District BC 33-34
  W   June 20 Sun   County Tour to West Sussex until 25th June T    
  M   June 20 Sun   County Tour to Exmouth until 27th June T    
  W   June 27 Sun 13.30 Essex W Writtle BC CM1 3JD Team
  W   June 27 Sun 13.30 Amy Rose Preliminary by date (draw awaited) A/R    
  M 26 June 28 Mon   Fours 4th Men C    
  M/W   June 29 Tues   Senior Fours 3rd Men/2nd Women C    
  W   June 30 Wed   Fours 3rd Women C    
  M   June 30 Wed   Unbadged Singles 4th Men C    
  M   July 1 Thur 14.00 Bedfordshire F Barton-le-Clay BC MK45 4LQ Team
  W   July 1 Thur   Unbadged Singles 3rd Women C    
  W   July 2 Fri   Triples 3rd Women C    
  M   July 2 Fri   Team Ten 3rd C    
  M   July 3 Sat   Club Team Championship 2nd C    
  M   July 4 Sun 14.00 President v Senior Vice President P Potters Bar BC  
  M/W 27 July 4 Sun 10.00 Men's Junior Singles/Women's Junior Pairs C Harpenden BC  
  M/W   July 6 Tues   Senior Fours Quarter-Finals C Riverain BC (M) Baldock BC (W)  
  M   July 6 Tues   Hunts PPBA HPPBA Eaton Socon BC  PE19 7AU Team
  M   July 7 Wed 14.00 Home Counties F Tring BC Team
  M/W   July 7 Wed   Unbadged Singles Quarter-finals C Potters Bar(M) Hatfield(W)  
  W   July 7 Wed   Kent F Kings Langley BC Cancelled
  M/W   July 8 Thur   Triples 4th Men/Women C    
  W   July 9 Fri 14.00 Women's President v WDWBA P Herts BC  
  M   July 9 Fri 18.00 Team Ten 4th C    
  M   July 10 Sat 14.00 Middleton Cup v Bedfordshire M/C Fordham BC, CB7 5NG Team
W July 10 Sat 13.30 Johns Trophy v Leicestershire J/T

Potton BC, Sandy, SG19 2QB

  W   July 11 Sun 13.30 Walker Cup (Last 32) W    
  M   July 11 Sun 10.30 Balcomb Trophy (Last 32) B/T Royston BC  
  W   July 11 Sun 13.30 Amy Rose (Last 32) A/R    
M/W 28 July 12 Mon   Senior Fours Semi-finals C Welwyn & District BC  
  M   July 13 Tues 13.45 Middlesex F Winchmore BC N21 2SD Team
  M/W   July 13 Tues   Fours Quarter-finals C Berkhamsted (M) Herts(W)  
  M/W   July 14 Wed   Triples Quarter-finals C Hertfdord Castle (M) Bishops Stortford(W)  
  W   July 15 Thur 13.30 Cambridgeshire F Whitethorn BC  
  M   July 15 Thur 14.00 Norfolk F Buntingford BC Team
  W   July 16 Fri 10.30 Benevolent Triples Day C Sawbridgeworth BC & Harperbury BC  
  M   July 16 Fri 18.00 Club Team Championship 3rd C    
  M/W   July 17 Sat 14.00 Men's President v Own Club P+P Potters Bar BC  
  W   July 18 Sun 10.00 Walker Cup Regional Finals W Wellingborough BC, NN8 5AS  
  W   July 18 Sun 10.00 Amy Rose Regional Finals A/R TBA  
  M   July 18 Sun 10.00 White Rose Regional Finals W/R Newmarket BC, CB8 9AY  
  M   July 18 Sun 10.00 Balcomb Trophy Regional Finals B/T Brampton BC, PE28 4TG  
  M/W   July 18 Sun 14.00 Presidents' v Young Players P+P Hatfield BC Cancelled
  M/W 29 July 19 Mon 18.00 Unbadged Singles Semi-finals C Welwyn & District BC  
  M/W   July 20 Tues 18.00 Fours Semi-finals C Welwyn & District BC  
  W   July 20 Tues 18.00 Benevolent Triples Semi-finals C Welwyn & District BC  
  M/W   July 21 Wed 18.00 Triples Semi-finals C Welwyn & District BC  
  MW   July 21 Wed 18.00 Two Wood Singles Semi-finals C Welwyn & District BC  
  M/W   July 22 Thur 18.00 Semi Finals Reserve Day C Welwyn & District BC  
  M   July 22 Thur 13.00 London & Southern Counties F Bounds Green N11 2BS  
  W   July 22 Thur 13.30 Northamptonshire F Burton Latimer BC  NN15 5LA Cancelled
  M   July 24 Sat 14.00 Middleton Cup v Cambridgeshire (Last 16) M/C Potton, Sandy, Beds  
  W   July 24 Sat   Johns Trophy (Last 16) J/T Sawbridgeworth BC (if needed)  
  M/W   July 24 Sat 14.00 Women's President v Own Club P+P Herts BC  
  M   July 25 Sun 14.00 President v EHBL P Shire Park BC  
  W 30 July 26 Mon 13.30 Bedfordshire F Linslade BC LU7 2NZ Cancelled
  M   July 26 Mon 18.00 Club Team Championship Divisional Finals C Harpenden  (S)  Buntingford (E)
Kings Langley (W) Whitethorn (N)
  M   July 27 Tue 14.00 President v HPPBA (100th Anniversary) P Potters Bar 99-116
  W   July 27 Tue 14.00 Women's President v St Albans & District P Harperbury BC  
  W   July 28 Wed 14.00 Women's Presidents Day P Herts BC  
  M   July 28 Wed 14.00 Kent F Holmsdale BC TN13 2AS Team
  M/W   July 29 Thurs 13.30 Friends of English Bowling P+P Bishops Stortford BC  
  M   July 31 Sat 10.00 Team Ten Semi-Final C Baldock & Royston  
  M   July 31 Sat 14.30 Team Ten Final C Buntingford  
  M/W   July 31 Sat   County Finals (reserve day) C    
  M/W   Aug 1 Sun 10.00 County Finals Day C Bishop's Stortford BC  
  W 31 Aug 2 Mon 13.30 Surrey F Herts BC Cancelled
  M   Aug 3 Tues 14.00 Oxfordshire F Harpenden BC Team
  M   Aug 5 Thur 14.00 Warwickshire F Lillington BC CV32 7DB Cancelled
  M   Aug 6 Fri 14.00 Cambs PPBA HPPBA Fordham BC, CB7 5NG Cancelled
  W   Aug 6 Fri 14.00 Women's President v EHDWBA P Ware BC  
  W   Aug 7 Sat   Johns Trophy Quarter-Finals J/T    
  M   Aug 7 Sat   Middleton Cup v Northants (Quarter-Finals) M/C TBC  
  M   Aug 7 Sat 14.00 Wiltshire F

Shire Park BC

  M   Aug 8 Sun 10.00 Club Team Championship (Eversley Trophy) SF Potters Bar BC  
  M   Aug 8 Sun 14.30 Club Team Championship (Eversley Trophy) Final Potters Bar BC  
  M   Aug 9 Mon 14.00 President v W&DBA P Garston BC  
  M 32 Aug 10 Tues 14.00 Northants VPBA HPPBA Royston BC Team
  M   Aug 11 Wed 14.00 President v Dennyside BA P Royston BC  
  M   Aug 12 Thur 14.00 Buckinghamshire F

Berkhamsted BC

  M   Aug 14 Sat 14.00 Whitethorn BC 25th Anniversary P+P Whitethorn BC  
  M   Aug 15 Sun 10.00 Inter Divisional Competition A Buntingford BC  
  M 33 Aug 17 Tue 14.00 Essex (NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE) F Clacton-on-Sea BC CO15 1XB Team
  M   Aug 18 Wed 14.00 Oxford VPBA HPPBA Welwyn & District BC  
  M/W   Aug 19 Thur National Finals from 19th August until 5th September Royal Leamington Spa  
  M   Aug 19 Thur 14.00 Surrey PPBA HPPBA Wallington BC SM6 0EN  
  W 34 Aug 24 Tues 13.30 Essex F Ware BC Cancelled
  W   Aug 28 Sat 09.45 John's Trial J/T Hatfield  
  M   Sept 2 Thur 14.00 Cambridgeshire F

Baldock Town BC

  M/W   Sept 4 Sat 10.00 Club League Divisional Finals C Royston (N) Harpenden (S) Bushey (W)  
  M   Sept 5 Sun 10.00 Balcomb/White Rose Semi-Finals & Finals   Royal Leamington Spa  
  W   Sept 5 Sun 10.00 Walker Cup/Amy Rose Semi-Finals & Finals   Royal Leamington Spa  
  W/M 36 Sept 6 Mon 10.00 Sue Moodey Gala G Stevenage Town BC  
  W/M   Sept 7 Tues 14.00 John Dowler Celebration P+P Northaw & Cuffley BC  
  M   Sept 8 Wed 14.00 Kent PPBA HPPBA Bishops Stortford BC Cancelled
  W   Sept 9 Thur 13.30 Suffolk F Rookery BC, IP14 1PN Cancelled
  M   Sept 9 Thur 14.00 President v SADBA P Harperbury BC Team
  M   Sept 10 Fri 13.00 Warwickshire VPBA HPPBA Rugby BC  CV22 7AS  
  M   Sept 11 Sat   Middleton Cup Semi-Finals & Final M/C Royal Leamington Spa  
  W   Sept 11 Sat   Johns Trophy Semi-Finals & Final J/T Royal Leamington Spa  
  M   Sept 11 Sat 10.00 Club League Divisional Finals C Ware (E)  
  W 37 Sept 13 Mon 10.30 Past Presidents Competition P Bushey BC  
  M/W   Sept 15 Wed 14.00 Letchworth & District BA P+P Royston BC  
  M   Sept 15 Wed 14.00 Essex PPBA HPPBA Buntingford BC  
  M/W   Sept 16 Thur 14.00 Men v Women (Sue Catchpole Trophy) P+P Potters Bar BC  
  M   Sept 17 Fri 14.00 President v EHBA P Ware BC Team
  M   Sept 18 Sat 10.00 Eastern Counties Finals Day E Diss & District/Scole BC  
  M/W   Sept 19 Sun 10.00 Ginder Club League Semi-Finals C Garston BC  
  M/W   Sept 19 Sun 14:30 Ginder Club League Final C Garston BC  
  M 38 Sept 20 Mon 14.00 London & Southern Counties F Harpenden BC Team
  M/W   Sept 23 Thur 13.30 Bowls England F Bishops Stortford BC Team