Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1923 & Women 1936

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2 Wood
Under 25s Officers Club Champ Club League
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Previous Winners
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Men's 2 Wood Singles

  Sunday 4th June - 9:45am for draw - Play starts at 10am.
  (If unable to play, please contact the person below)

Grey trousers with White or Club Shirts.

Non playing players to mark in first round, losers to mark following rounds.


  If unable to play please advise the person nominated at your venue below

S Kilford 01438 354758

Stevenage (N)


H Wright 01992 423423

07731 622145

Datchworth (E)


S Parkhouse 07906 328559

Welwyn Garden City (S)


D Brown 01442 866365

07590 461039

Kings Langley (W)

  D Hunt (Bishops Stortford) T McKenzie (B/Stortford) S Maynard (Harpenden) B Parkes (Batchwood)
  J Debnam (Buntingford) C Frostick (Buntingford) J Osborn (Harpenden) J Turkentine (Batchwood)
V Greenberg (Buntingford) R Murphy (Buntingford) N Sharp (Harpenden) S Burgess (Harpenden)
  M Murphy (Buntingford) S Wake (Buntingford) D Ingham (Harperbury) N Muir (Harpenden)
C Dyer (Rosedale) D Henley (Datchworth) A Langley (Harperbury) T Tharby Harpenden)
  P Dougherty (Sele Farm) J Bishop (Rosedale) G Kelly (Hatfield) S Hipperson (Potters Bar)
  K Lammacraft (Royston) A Spicer (Rosedale) D Hopkins (Potters Bar) M Poole (Welwyn & District)
  D Hickin (Royston) K Brown (Sawbridgeworth) S Jewell (Potters Bar) P Russell (Welwyn & District)
  M Parsons (Baldock) S Andrews (Baldock) G Price (Shire Park) C Valle (Welwyn & District)
  C Trussell (Baldock) S Budge (Baldock) K Knowles (Welwyn & District) R Avery (WGC)
  A Hill (Hitchin) J Claydon (Baldock) M Reeve (Welwyn & District) K Chamberlain (WGC)
  S Kilford (Royston) I Greig (Baldock) J Avery (WGC) R Edwards (WGC)
  K Greenhough (Stevenage) J Moorley (Baldock) D Bedford (WGC) G Walton (WGC)
  J Winters (Stevenage) S Brown (Royston) C Parkhouse (WGC) S Collins (Abbots Langley)
  C Cole (Three Horseshoes) H Wright (Sele Farm) K Clarke (Berkhamsted) J Ellis (Abbots Langley)
  S Roles (Three Horseshoes) G Morris (Stevenage) C Gray (Berkhamsted) M Duke (Garston)
M Nash (Whit Hern) S Wilson (Stevenage) D Houghton (Garston) J Godman (Garston)
  K Lovelock (Three Horseshoes) S Lepley (Garston) D Martin (Garston)
    D Martin jnr (Garston) S Meeks (Garston)
      J Rumball (Garston) T Bunting (Hemel Hempstead)
      G Williams (Garston) D Connor (Hemel Hempstead)
    T Barr (Herts) P Fuller (Herts)
      S Keenan (Herts) J Simmons (Mill End)
        R Tucker (Met Bushey)   D Simpson (Mill End)
          D Horwood (Mill End)   A Redford (Harpenden)

Semi-finals on Monday 17th July at Shire Park

  Matthew Murphy  v  Dylan Martin
   Jamie Claydon  v  Paul Fuller
  Final on Sunday 30th July at Bishops Stortford
  Dylan Martin  16  v   Paul Fuller 14
  Dylan Martin (Garston)