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Last updated Tuesday July 05, 2022 22:02

06   June Women's Benevolent Triples 15th July - entry form

24   May Women's Friendly v Berkshire 13th June, v Kent 6th July (now rinks)
17   June Johns Trophy v Leics 18th June (updated) - Walker Cup v Beds 26th June (WON)
  17   June White Rose v Northants 26th June (WON)  
  17   June Amy Rose at Royston BC 19th June  
  06   June Middleton Cup statement - Team v Hunts 18th June  
05   June Johns report - Herts v Suffolk 4th June

23   May Vacancy for Women Selector notice



Rose Varney

01   June ECL match report v Suffolk 28th May


24   May Johns Trophy Team v Suffolk 4th June...Selection statement  
  23   May ECL match report v Cambs 21st May


12   May ECL v Cambridgeshire 21st May ECL match report v Essex 7th May

10   May President v Harpenden 15th May (Noel Roberts Memorial Match)


02   May ECL, MC Message, ECL v Essex 7th May, ECL v Hunts 14th May, MC Trial v Essex 15th May
02   May Johns trials on 14th & 21st May Men's


  22   Apr Men's County v Sussex 17th May & Essex 24th May    
22   Apr Women's County v Bucks 16th May (venue now Aylesbury Town BC), v Essex 26th May
  05   Apr BE National Comps Dates - County Dates (with 1st April amendment) - BE rules (individuals) Related Sites
  01   Apr HB AGM - BDO Report - Men's Secretary Report - Executive Secretary Report   Bowls England
30   Mar HB AGM - Agenda - 2020 Minutes - Nominations - Bylaws Points - Bylaws Dress Code Umpires Ass.
30   Mar Men's County Friendly Matches - Note - Nominations form Bowls-Clubs
  07   Mar Middleton Cup update.....Nominations Form    
  06   Mar HB Greens Maintenance Forum Report 2022   Contact Us
  17   Feb Johns/Walker statement - Nomination Form    
  08   Feb Women's & Men's National & County Competition Dates 2022    
  06   Feb Men's Top Club & National Two Fours Fixed Dates    
  06   Feb Presidents' games  message - Nomination Form    
  03   Feb Middleton Cup Message - MC/Balcomb/Eastern Counties Nominations Form    
  17   Dec Herts Men's Team Manager appointment & Inter County Draws for 2022    
  31   Aug National Finals achievements    
  15   Aug Schedule of County competitors at Leamington    
  13   Aug Middleton Cup quarter final result v Northamptonshire    
  02   Aug County Finals 'thank-you's'....Results    
  23   July Bowls England - National Finals announcement    
  20   July Amy Rose result/report    
  20   July Middleton Cup message, Team v Cambridgeshire 24th July    
  19   July Women's CountyTour 2022    
  12   July Balcomb Trophy v Norfolk (result), Team    
  12   July Middleton Cup v Beds (result), Team    
  12   July Johns Trophy v Leicestershire (report), Team    
  04   July Men's friendlies v Oxon & Wiltshire, Bucks & Essex, Cambs & London & SC    
  04   July HPPBA v Hunts, HB President, Cambs, Northants    
  28   June Walker Cup v Essex - report    
  23   June White Rose Trophy v Suffolk - result    
  11   June Johns Trophy Statement  -  Johns Trophy Team v Leicestershire on 10th July    
  09   June Johns Trophy Statement  -  Johns Trophy Team v Leicestershire on 10th July    
  09   June NEW - Bylaws for Competition, Inter-Club Competition, Match, Dress Code, Points    
  05   June Balcomb Trophy v Huntingdonshire (result)    
  30   May Walker Cup team v Essex 27th June    
  29   May White Rose Trophy team v Suffolk 20th June    
  26   May Women's Top Club 2021    
  23   May Middleton Cup message - Middleton Cup Team 2021    
  22   May Selections - Men's v Beds 1st July, Home Counties 7th July    
  22   May Selections - Men's v Middx 13th July, Norfolk 15th July, Kent 28th July    
10   May BE 'Return to Play' guidance (Step 3)    
  08   May Johns Trophy Trials Invitation    
  19   Apr Johns Trophy statement - Johns/Walker Nomination Form    
  15   Apr HB Newsletter......includes format changes for Individual County competitions    
  13   Apr BE announcement - Inter County Draws    
  10   Apr 300 Club (2021) tickets now on sale - please email mavishendry@gmail.com for tickets    
  10   Apr BE 'Return to play' guidance (Step 2)    
  26   Mar BE 'Return to play' guidance (Step 1)    
  26   Mar National Competitions/Events update    
  11   Mar Middleton Cup & Eastern Counties Update    
  16   Feb 2021 County Competitions    
  22   Feb 2021 season - BE Statement    
  10   Feb 2021 Women's Friendly Matches    Nomination notes    
  04   Feb National Competitions - 2021 Women's Top Club dates    
  04   Feb 2021 County Presidents' Matches    
  04   Feb 2021 County Competition Round Dates (amended)