Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1920 & Women 1936

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Under 25s Officers Benevolent Triples Club League
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Benevolent Triples

  Please arrive at 9.30am for the draw at 9.45am, first matches to start at 10.00am
  Whites (or Club colours) with Club tops or white tops
  2 woods, 15 ends, all ends to be played
  Friday 16th July





Friday 16th July
  at Sawbridgeworth at Harperbury

M Dunstone (Berkhamsted)                         D Pearce (Riverain)

  Venue not being used

H Chandler (Bishops Stortford)                    C Hensler (Riverain)



M Hendry (Bushey)                                       N Chalcraft (Sawbridgeworth)


D Honey (Bushey)                                        J Mills (Riverain)


C Birch (Bushey)                                          M Cavaye (Kings Langley)

    D Whybrow (Bushey)                                   R Biggs (Kings Langley)
    J Gauthier (Harperbury)                                J Wright (Herts)
    J Bell (Hatfield/Batchwood)                           A Hudson (Hertford)
    L Tutt (Batchwood)

Semi-finals on Tuesday 20th July at Welwyn & District BC

                                         A Hudson (Hertford)  v  J Mills (Riverain)                                                            
                                       D Pearce (Riverain)  v  J Gauthier (Harperbury)                                             
Final on Sunday 1st August at Bishops Stortford BC
  J Mills (Riverain)     v    D Pearce (Riverain)
  G Fisk/K Dear/D Pearce (Riverain)