Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1920 & Women 1936

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Women's Triples (Last 16)

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  Last 16 - Mon 5th June Quarters - Fri 16th June Semis - Friday 21st July Final - Sunday 30th July Champions
  (First named team is at HOME)  at Welwyn Garden City at Shire Park at Bishops Stortford BC (Previous Winners)
  SB J West Harperbury) A9 J West Harperbury) A  

S Edwards/B Levey

N Chalcraft (Sawb'worth)


Final D Moores

S Rider

J McEvoy



P Scarborough

M Banks

A Hall



WD A Dix (Met Bushey)
EA N Chalcraft (Sawbridgew'th) N Chalcraft (Sawbridgew'th)
ED J Munt (Northaw & Cuffley)
NB W Budge (Baldock) A10 L Hall (Herts) D Moores/S Rider

J McEvoy (Harpenden)

WA L Hall (Herts)
SC D Moores (Harpenden) D Moores (Harpenden)
SD B Woodman (Potters Bar)
EB K  Henson (B/Stortford) A11 K  Henson (B/Stortford) B S Tye/R Russell

V Challacombe (W & Dist)

P Scarborough

M Banks

A Hall



WC S Judge (Croxley Guild)
SE V Challacombe (Welwyn & D) V Challacombe (Welwyn & D)
NA R Tremlett (Royston)
WB A Rowe (Potten End) A12 J Helm (Bishops Stortford)  

P Scarborough/M Banks

A Hall (Hatfield)


EC J Helm (Bishops Stortford)
SA A Hall (Hatfield) A Hall (Hatfield)
  EE R Felstead (B/Stortford)