Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1920 & Women 1936

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2 Wood
Under 25s Officers Benevolent Triples Club League
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Previous Winners



Ladies Officers Singles

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  1st Round - Mon 8th May Quarters - Mon 22nd May Semis - Tues 18th July Final - Sun 30th July Champion
      at Hatfield BC at B'Stortford BC (Previous Winners)
4 S Moodey (Stevenage) 12 S Moodey (Stevenage) A A O'Hare (WGC) Final A O'Hare



H J Ottley

(Sele Farm)


  J Childs (Herts)
    A O'Hare (WGC)
5 A Smith (Hertford) 11 J Bell (Hatfield) J Dixon (Townsend)
J Bell (Hatfield)
1 J Dixon (Townsend) J Dixon (Townsend)
L Brown (Berkhamsted)
3 K Taylor (WGC) 9 H J Ottley (Sele Farm) B H J Ottley (Sele Farm) H J Ottley

(Sele Farm)


H J Ottley (Sele Farm)
    M Obee (Garston)
    10 N Chalcraft (Sawb'worth) N Chalcraft (Sawb'worth)
2 C Sage (Bushey) C Sage (Bushey)
S Page (Baldock)

Results shown in BLACK are the official ones, those shown in RED have been supplied by the players