Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1923 & Women 1936

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Men's Singles (West)

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       1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round
        Thursday 29th April Thursday 6th May Monday 10th May Thursday 20th May
          5 J Masters (Potten End) 30 S Bell (Kings Langley) WA

S Tanner


          S Bell (Kings Langley)
          12 S Tanner (Tring) S Tanner (Tring)
          C Davis (Watford)
          18 P Henderson (A Langley) 26 S Keenan (Bovingdon) S Keenan


          S Keenan (Bovingdon)
          13 D Martin (Garston) D Harvey (Croxley Guild)
          D Harvey (Croxley Guild)
          6 P Stamp (Met Police) 25 J Godman (Garston) WB J Godman


          J Godman (Garston)
          19 D Horwood (Mill End) D Horwood (Mill End)
          R Stronach (A Langley)
          9 S Lepley (Garston) 27 S Horwood (Garston) S Horwood


  1 S Horwood (Garston) v K Murphy (Mill End) S Horwood (Garston)
          15 J E Abbott (Herts) J E Abbott (Herts)
          S Campbell (Bushey)
          10 B Ralphs (Berkhamsted) 24 T Bunting (H Hempstead) WC  

G Williams



          T Bunting (H Hempstead)
          8 J Campbell (A Langley) G Williams (Garston)
          G Williams (Garston)
          20 M Chard (Garston) 29 B Kerry (Tring) B Kerry


          B Kerry (Tring)
          11 M Coles (Garston) M Coles (Garston)
          R Tucker (Met Police)
          3 A Read (Watford) 31 P Element (Garston) WD P Element


        P Element (Garston)
        2 J Lacey (Watford) D Simpson (A Langley)
        D Simpson (A Langley)
        21 J Rumball (Garston) 22 J Rumball (Garston) J Rumball


        D Houghton (Garston)
        16 A Munford (H Hempstead) A Munford (H Hempstead)
        S Collins (A Langley)
          4 A Ross (Watford) 28 D Martin Jnr (Garston) WE R Hansard

 (Kings Langley)

        D Martin Jnr (Garston)
        7 R Hansard (K Langley) R Hansard (K Langley)
        M Casotti (A Langley)
        17 P Hannon (North Watford) 23 C Gray (Berkhamsted) J Bunting

(Hemel Hempstead)

        C Gray (Berkhamsted)
        14 J Bunting (H Hempstead) J Bunting (H Hempstead)
        T Barr (Herts)




Results shown in BLACK are the official ones, those shown in RED have been supplied by the players.