Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1920 & Women 1936

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Men's Triples (East)

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   1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
       Friday 3rd May Thursday 9th May Wednesday 15th May
          17 J Dowler (Northaw & Cuffley) EA L Curtis (Northaw & Cuffley)
  3 L Curtis (Northaw & Cuffley) v M Harris (Sawbridgeworth) L Curtis (Northaw & Cuffley)
  2 M Songer (Hoddesdon R'Hill) v C Dyer (Rosedale) 18 M Songer (Hoddesdon R'Hill) M Songer (Hoddesdon R'Hill)
          H Wright (Sele Farm)
  1 A Yarborough (B/Stortford) v S Lepley (Bishops Stortford) 20 S Lepley (Bishops Stortford) EB S Lepley (Bishops Stortford)
  10 K Norman (Whit Hern) v J Walker (Sawbridgeworth) K Norman (Whit Hern)
  9 J Dunne (Sele Farm) v M Plume (Buntingford) 16 M Plume (Buntingford) M Plume (Buntingford)
  7 W Brown (Buntingford) v G Warrender (Buntingford) G Warrender (Buntingford)
          19 C Milner (Hoddesdon & Rye Pk) EC C Milner (Hoddesdon & Rye Pk)
  12 G Amos (Buntingford) v D Crudgington (Cheshunt) D Crudgington (Cheshunt)
  6 G Indge (Ware) v V Greenberg (Buntingford) 13 V Greenberg (Buntingford) R Chalcraft (Sawbridgeworth)
          R Chalcraft (Sawbridgeworth)
  4 R Harper (Datchworth) v N Walker (Ware) 15 R Harper (Datchworth) ED D Fox (Sawbridgeworth)
  5 L Parsley (Datchworth) v D Fox (Sawbridgeworth) D Fox (Sawbridgeworth)
  11 M Neller (Bishops Stortford) v M Irving (Hertford) 14 M Irving (Hertford) J Clarke (Northaw & Cuffley)
  8 D Booth (B/Stortford) v J Clarke (Northaw & Cuffley) J Clarke (Northaw & Cuffley)


Results shown in BLACK are the official ones, those shown in RED have been supplied by the players.