Hertfordshire Bowls

Men 1920 & Women 1936

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2 Wood
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Under 25s Officers Club Champ Club League
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Previous Winners
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Men's Triples (Last 16)

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Last 16 - Mon 5th June Quarters - Friday 16th June Semis - Friday 21st July Final - Sun 30th July Champions
  (First named team is at HOME) at Harpenden BC at Shire Park BC at Bishop's Stortford BC (Previous Winners)
SA I Stone (WGC) A12 M Plume (Buntingford) A C Frostick/S Wake

M Plume (Buntingford)

Final D Martin/M Yelland

S Horwood



D Craft/P Element

M Coles

(Mill End)


EB M Plume (Buntingford)
EA R Murphy (Buntingford) J Jennings (Bushey)
WA J Jennings (Bushey)
ED R Helm (B Stortford) A11 S Horwood (Garston) D Martin/M Yelland

S Horwood (Garston)

WB S Horwood (Garston)
WD R Smith (Mill End) R Smith (Mill End)
  NB P Griffiths (Royston)
SB S Maynard (Harpenden) A9 D Large (Hodd & Rye Park) B D Craft/P Element

M Coles (Mill End)

D Craft/P Element

M Coles

(Mill End)


EE D Large (Hodd & Rye Park)
NA R Knight (Royston) M Coles (Mill End)
WC M Coles (Mill End)
SC K Avenell (Welwyn GC) A10 P Russell (Welwyn & Dist) J Festa/ C Valle

P Russell (Welwyn & Dist)

SD P Russell (Welwyn & Dist)
EC C Dyer (Rosedale) C Dyer (Rosedale)
  NC M Hayzelden (Baldock)